VR Based mindfulness and mental health solutions, utilizing Virtual Reality (VR) as a stress and anxiety management tool


Our Vision

Becoming the pioneer in VR based mental health treatment utilizing immersive Virtual Reality (VR) as a stress, anxiety and mindfulness management tool making it accessible to all Canadians living under mental duress, and entitling them to a much-deserved improved quality of life.

Our Mission

Committed to deliver personalized care tools to patient to promote health & wellness, through advanced Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction techniques used by psychologists across the world.

We help users to manage stress and anxiety.

Virtualief is determined to marry research and technological advancements, to provide a science-backed, comprehensive solution.

By partnering with medical and psychological professionals, Virtualief’s tailor-made VR experiences will provide a quick and practical way to help users navigate through the stress and anxiety caused by the challenges of daily life.


Anxiety, Addiction, and Pain

The 21st Century Epidemics

10 %
Up to 90% of doctors
visits are due to stress
$ 100 bil.
Dollars lost due to loss of sales, injuries,
sickness, and absences caused by stress
165 people die each day from the Opioid epidemic.
125 people commit suicide each day.
0 %
Of all illness and disease is
caused by stress